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Haikou is a beautiful and quiet city on Hainan Island. It is one of the popular tourist resorts in China and can provide an enjoyable golf playing there. Golf has become a fashion in China in recent years. The golf courses and clubs are usually built near cities and by the seaside. Golf has become a popular leisure activity in this city and more and more people are taking part in golf tours to Haikou. The city is not only famous for the sea food and environment, but also famous for the promising golf clubs. In the following, we kindly offer useful information about the most famous golf clubs in Haikou.

The golf courses in Haikou are built to the perfect match with the scenery and decorated under the high international standard. It gives a good impression for the golfers and guests. Taking a trip to Haikou, on the southern island of China, can be fascinating. To explore the beach scenery, the sun, the sand, the amazing hotels, the clean air of this charming city in a different way, playing a round of golf can be one of the perfect choices. We have pre-designed some good Hainan golf tour packages for your reference. If none of our tours can meet your needs, welcome to contact us to customize your own golf tour.

Haikou Golf Tours

  • 1-Day Haikou Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf246
  • From:$195
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Course Involved: Haikou Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club. In order to enhance Hainan’s influence and push forward the...
  • 4-Day Haikou Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf247
  • From:$560
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Courses Involved: Haikou West Coast Golf Club, Haikou Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club and Hainan Dongshan Golf Club. The d...

Haikou Golf Clubs

  • Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf241
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club is a 27-hole, par 108, 10,531 yard golf course, with the total area of 1,000,000 square meters....
  • West Coast Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf242
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - West Coast Golf Club, an 18-hole, par 72, 7,267 yard golf course, is located in the seashore area of Haikou. It is only 5 minutes drive ...
  • Hainan Dongshan Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf243
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Hainan Tongshan Golf Club is located at the Qiongshan district of Haikou city in Hainan province. It will take about 60 minutes to the a...

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User Comments

Name:Recommed the best two golf courses in Haikou? Reply

Hi, we want to play 2 rounds of 18-hole golf game in Haikou at the end of this Sep, with 4 people. Please do recommend the best two golf courses near in Haikou. Hope to hear from you soon.

Name:Re:Recommed the best two golf courses in Haikou?

There are many golf courses in Haikou. The golf courses we usually provide are the ones in Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club, West Coast Golf Club and Hainan Tongshan Golf Club. You can have the brief introduction in our website http://www.itourbeijing.com/china-golf/haikou-golf/ to choose your ideal golf course. If none of these golf courses are satisfied, we can arrange you more good golf courses in Haikou.