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Dragon Lake Golf Club

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The Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club is situated in the Dragon Lake International Village in the town of Beixing, Huadu District, Guangzhou. The Village is back-dropped by a lush mountain range that stretches tens of kilometers and is surrounded by the Dragon Lake. It is a 45-hole golf course and covers an area of 1,750,000 square meters. With the beautiful landscape and natural environment, it is located in the Dragon Lake International Village with the lush mountain range. The Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club opened to the public in 2004 and attacted many golfers to play there. The Golf club has the driving range and recreational facilities. It only takes around 20 minutes' driving from the Guangzhou Train Station and 15 minutes' driving

from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Dragon Lake Golf Course is delineated with mountains, forest, lakes and lush lawns. It promised to offer an unforgettable experience. The design of the golf course of The Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club cleverly integrates the natural conditions of the valleys and the mountains, and features a theme of back to nature. The combination of the picturesque landscape and a golf course fully immersed with the natural environment provides a perfect escape from the city hustle and bustle while allowing you to swing to your heart's content. The golf venue accentuates grace and serenity and is truly a bliss on earth. The Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club offers a comprehensive range of recreational facilities. With our customer-oriented management philosophy and excellent customer care, golf players will feel honoured and

respected. Just imagine when you playing golf with great pleasure with the beautiful view and fresh air, drinking some water and rearrange your position for the next move. What a vivid image. You can also meet your friends here or hold family golf tournament. That will bring you lots of fun. Contact us if you want to reserve Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club, we will help with the bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the reservation directly through the contact information below: Club Address: Dragon Lake Village, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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