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Golf has become a fashion in China in recent years. They are usually built near cities and by the seaside. Dalian is an appealing coastal city in China and attracts more and more people to come and live there. Golf is nowadays becoming a favorite sport of in this fashionalbe city. Dalian, as another famous business city, appeals the foreign companies to invest there and create a strong business atmosphere and the golf environment in the city. Among several courses, the Jin Shi Golf Club, Bangchui Island Golf Club and Dalian Xiali Golf Club are equally good.

Being a booming economic city in northwest China, Dalian is home to some of the golf clubs. To cater to the needs of the people who take tours around the world to play golf, greens have opened up in Dalian. Golfers can have a selection of the golf courses in the city for the breathtaking scenery, the outstanding views and overlooking the beautiful Bohai Bay. So if you are going to Dalian for either business or pleasure, try out the golf course there for a memorable sporting experience. And we kindly offer golf tour packages in Dalian with competitive rates and perfect arrangements for your choices.

Dalian Golf Tours

  • 1-Day Dalian Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf115
  • From:$195
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Course Involved: Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club. Being a booming economic city in northwest China, Dalian is home to some of the ...
  • 4-Day Dalian Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf116
  • From:$560
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Courses Involved: Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club, Dalian Xiali Golf Club, Dalian Jinshi Golf Club. With the development of societ...

Dalian Golf Clubs

  • Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf111
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club is located in the Bangchui Island Hotel Resort, at the east end of Binhai Road and 5 kilometers to the ...
  • Dalian Xiali Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf112
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Dalian Xiali Golf Club, also known as the Dalian Golf Club, is a popular sea-shore course whichresides in a scenic location at the beaut...
  • Dalian Jinshi Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf113
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Dalian Jinshi Golf Club, also known as Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Golf Club, was established in 1995. It is located inside the Jinshitan...

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Name:Dalian Golf package Reply

I am going to dalian on the 9th aug for 5 nights, can u give me golf package of 2 days golf at golden pebble beach and peter thomson one and another good one. Ted

Name:Re: Dalian Golf package

We’ll send the golf package to your email soon. We would suggest Dalian West Park Golf Club for another choice.