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Traditional sports, including martial arts, taijiquan or shadow boxing, qigong (a system of deep breathing exercises), Chinese chess and weiqi encirclement chess bear very Chinese characteristics, and have achieved major popularity worldwide today. The Traditional Chinese Sports has been deeply favored by a growing number of foreigners. The original birthplace of Taijiquan - Henan, Chenjiagou village is situated in East Wenxian city, Si Li Jin Feng Ling. According to written history in the early Ming

dynasty (1368), it was known as Changyang village.Taijiquan is a style of Chinese boxing, combining control of breath with control of mind and body. It emphasizes body movement following mind movements, tempering toughness with gentleness and graceful carriage. More and more foreigners would like to learn Taijiquan that has become a required course for them. Qigong is being used as part of the Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) in preventive and therapeutic health care. Qi is seen as the vital energy in one's

body to maintain life. Qigong will train one to work on physical to control and exercise this energy for own good or if becomes an expert, one can even use 'qi' for treatment. Qigong, massage and acupuncture are part of TCM based on Taoism. After 5000 years development, there are more than 3,000 varieties of qigong, and five major qigong traditions, namely Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, martial arts, and medical. Qigong has two types "soft" and "hard" qigong. "Soft" qigong is called inner qigong or soft qigong such as Taiji. One sample of hard qigong is the famous Shaolin gongfu.

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I heard that football was originated in China, is that true? Also what are the traditional sports in ancient China?

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There are many sports in the ancient China. The earliest football originated in Zibo, Shangdong Province. And in ancient China, there were many forms of Chinese traditional sports, such as horse riding, wrestling, polo, shuttlecock kicking.