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Chinese Sichuan Opera

More than 1,000 local varieties exist in China. Among them Sichuan Opera is one of the oldest and most popular styles. Today's Sichuan opera is a relatively recent synthesis of 5 historic melodic styles. Regionally Chengdu remains to be the main home of Sichuan opera, while other influential locales include Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei and Taiwan. The traditional formula is quite systematic with a combination of stunts like face-changing, tihuiyan, sword-hiding, fire-spitting and beard-changing with the plot and

different characters ."Face changing" is a rare skill, possessed by only a few masters, but remains one of the most important and interesting facets of Sichuan Opera. This skill allows actors to change their masks with an almost supernatural swiftness, much to the delight of the audience, and can be a potent form of expression. Sichuan Opera is also characterized by its solo singing performances, fine comedians, percussion, mask changing and fire spitting. Opera troupes operate throughout the region with the most

prestigious and artistic to be found in Chengdu. No matter what the origins of Opera are, the masks are worth appreciating for their artistic value. The paintings are representations of the roles the characters play. For example, a red face usually depicts the character's bravery, honesty and loyalty; a white face symbolizes a sinister character's treachery and guile. Masks can be worn in layers, as much as two-dozen thick ,and be pulled off one by one to emphasize a particular emotion or event.

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Can I see changing faces performace in Chengdu ? I will be Chengdu in 17th for a conference and want to have a authentic Sichuan hotpot/chafing dish and watch a changing faces show .

Name:Re: Sichuan opera

Changing faces show is the famous performance of Sichuan opera.In Chengdu,there will be changing face performance as long as the Sichuan opera.If you want to have Sichuan hotpot, you can find some big restaurant which provide both changing faces performance and the hotpot.