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P.R.C Medical System

Reform of the PRC Medical System was the New Year's promise for 2007 of China's Minister of Health , promising to a reform scheme which featured increasing government investment, strengthening professional supervision and reducing medical costs for citizens. The proposal of the PRC Medical System aimed to tight management on medical services, strengthen training and medical ethics to improve the quality of medical services, ensure medical security and form harmonious relations between doctors

and patients. This came after a national survey which showed an alarming proportion of the masses of Chinese people could not see a doctor in times of illness and refused hospitalization due to unaffordable costs. The government also plans to continue its extension for the network of healthcare into rural areas to provide safe, efficient, convenient and reasonably priced public health services for citizens in urban areas. Health care reforms are in response to widespread public dissatisfaction with the current medical system. In October 2006, Mao Qun'an, spokesman of the Ministry of Health (MOH), said the government would

build a health care system with Chinese characteristics, rather than simply copy a "European model" or "American model". Now many cities in China have made a new policy towards the public medical service. The Social Security card is created by medical insurance institutions for person’s medical treatment. It is a electronic information card with applications for the verification of the identification, recording, storing personal account funds and so on. Insured persons who came to hospital with his social security card, can enjoy its convenience in the city or the designated medical institutions as well as pharmacies.

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