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P.R.C Education System

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government has always attached great importance to the education system, and the establishment of a state education system to enhance nationwide literacy. The basic right to an education is safeguarded by the state, and the development and improvement of education system is encouraged. Generally, education in China can be divided into the following categories: primary, secondary, higher, and adult education.The main principle behind the reform and development of education is embodied in the statement "education should be oriented

towards the modernization drive, the world and the future" and thus the Chinese education system is in pursuit of better ways to equip its younger generation, morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, in order to pursue modernization, combined with the socialist cause. China has gone through rapid social and economic development over the past years, as well as unforeseen progress in world science and technology. As a result of this, and to support continual development, the strategy of "revitalizing the country through

science and education" is a central one, given the highest priority by the government. A system of essential-qualities-oriented  (EQO) education has been boosted up so as to foster a new generation with both innovative spirit and practical ability to meet the future and any challenges it may bring. In 2003 China supported 1,552 institutions of higher learning and their 725,000 professors and 11 million students. There are over 100 National Key Universities, including Beijing University and Tsinghua University.

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Name:PRC education system Reply

How many years ususally take in Chinese elementary school?Is it available to study in normal Chinese elementary school for the foreign children?

Name:Re: PRC/China education system

Elementary school takes 6 years in China.Normal Chinese elementary school is not available for foreign children because there are no such school for the foreign children in Chinese public edcation system.But there are many private schools specialized for the foreign children in many big cities.You can contact such elementary school if you will work in China.