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The history of China can be dates back to five thousand years ago. Ancient China was one of the earliest cradles of human civilization in the world, others being Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley civilization, the Maya civilization, the Minoan civilization of ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt. With a recorded history of over 3,600 years, China has passed through the stages of primitive society, slave society, and feudal society, semi-feudal and semi-colonial society and the present stage of socialist society.

The ancient Chinese history was splendid of which the most famous was the inventions of papermaking, compass, gunpowder and printing. In 221BC, Emperor Qin created the thousand-year long feudal society in China. During Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D) China was the most powerful nation in the world and the capital, Chang'an(nowdays Xi'an) became a cosmoplitan internationally. The Chinese history was created by multiple peoples with the majority being Han people and many other minorities.

As a fact, two of the peak dynasties were ruled by minorities, but as Han culture is assimilating, the minority rulers absorbed and succeeded fitting into the major culture. At late Qing Dynasty , during the middle of the 19th century, China was invaded by the forces of western imperialism, therefore China history stepped into its very unique but humiliationg semi-feudal and semi-colonial society until the last emperor Puyi abdicated in 1912. Since 1911, China had been through series of revolutions and wars both civil and anti-agression until the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Since then, the Chinese history has opened for a brand new chapter.

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Where can I buy Chinese history books in French? I’m very interested in Chinese history, could you help me? I know there were many dynasties in the history of China, and I’m most interested in Qing Dynasty. Thank you.


The best place where you can buy books in foreign languages is in the foreign languages bookstore. If you want some French books about Chinese history, we can buy them for you and deliver it. Please leave us your address. Also, there are many catagories of history books about Qing Dynasty. Awaiting your answer.