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Confucianism is an ethinical and philosophical 'code of conduct' by which to live, and it has had a tremendous impact on how Chinese peoplr live. Then main theme of Confucianism lays stress on the importance of individuals' moral development so that the nation can be governed by virtues rather than the use of coercive laws. Confucianism has greatly influenced the Chinese government, education, and attitudes toward correct personal behavior as well as the individual's duties to society. There is no church

or clergy; no teaching of God or gods, or life after death in this belief system, and indeed Confucianism is actually a philosophy of life, not a Religion. Confucius (551 B.C.-79 B.C.), founder of Confucianism, was born in today's Qufu, Shandong province. Although Confucianism is a system of philosophy and humanism, it still features a few religious characteristics. Some views of Confucianism are also seen to be outdated and even erroneous today, although the mass of the philosophy is still abided by and very much

applicable to modern society. Confucianism was an androcentric system in which women have no dignity or rights. According to Confucianism, women had to obey their fathers absolutely when they were not married, to obey their husbands absolutely after marriage and to obey their sons in their widowhood. Confucianism also has greatly influenced some eastern asian clutures and countries, such as Korea and Japan. During seventeenth century the works of Confucius were translated into many European languages and therefore Confucianism had considerably influenced the European thinkers, especially among Deists.

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Hi, I’m an American Chinese. I wanna go to China to join the Holy Ceremony of Confucius. I know that Qufu is the hometown of Confucius. Pleae suggest.

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For thousands of years Chinese people are under the influence of Confucian. Qufu in Shandong Province is Confucius’ hometown. Holy Ceremony of Confucius is held in Qufu every year. We could help you arrange it, and you could visit Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu.