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Chinese Climate

China's climate varies widely from east to west and from south to north. The differentce of Chinese climates are huge depending on different regions. Due to China's size and its varied landscapes, there is no one time when the weather is ideal in most part of China. China has a climate dominated by seasons and wet monsoons because of its continental monsoon characteristic, which leads to sharply different temperatures in winter and summer. In the winter the winds coming from Siberia where is highland and plateau are cold and dry, while in summer the winds coming from sea area where is lower lands are warm and moist.

The rainfalls difference between the north and south are distinctive. The Yangtze River divides the north and south officially in China. The rainy season in Southeast China is very regular affected by the monsoon. Rainy seasons start ealier in southern and eastern parts than in northern and western part. Due to monsoon in large areas of southeastern China, rainfalls are mostly monsoon rains and mainly uneven. The precipitation in the eastern coastal I spleanty but the west little, and plenty in south.

The areas covered by the different regions include the tropical and subtropical zones in the south of the country, up to the near frozen climates of the Northern provinces. Most of the land in between is temperate, but extremes of weather still occur with the different seasons. China climates varies from bitter cold winter to hot and humid summer. The different climates are demonstrated by examples such as the Nanling Mountains, where there is plenty of rain and heat all year round, compared with the river valleys of Huaihe and the Yangtze, where the four seasons are distinct, or many of the northern provinces where rainfall is limited because of the seasonal extremes.

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