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Chinese Pearl is world famous. China is one of the first countries to culture the product of freshwater mussels. The market and demand for Freshwater pearls has grown dramatically in recent years, Rivaling the demand for the more expensive, rarer saltwater pearls. The price difference is substantial, as consumers are eager to buy the freshwater alternative which can provide all the luster of the pearl without the expense of the past. The sale of pearls was interrupted by the second world war, but by the 1950's the trade had

revived. With strands being sold in Japan for much less expense that the saltwater variety. However, in recent years, pearl production in Lake Biwa has declined due to development around the lake and subsequent pollution. This has allowed for China's burgeoning market to take its place as the worlds leading freshwater pearl seller.The formation of freshwater pearls occurs in much the same way as that of saltwater ones, when foreign material gets inside the mussel and is coated with the secretion that the mussel uses to build its shell, Nacre, in order to relieve any irritation. The reason freshwater pearls are cheaper than saltwater pearl is the

ability to farm the mussels to produce larger pearls, and the reduced costs and hazards in retrieving them. China now is the largest country for fresh water pearl export, and is develpoing the larger share on the fresh water pearl market in the world. In almost many big cities you can find the fresh water pearl wholesale market, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. However, the largest and the most famous city for fresh water pearl in China is Yiwu, a middle sized city in Zhejiang province.

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Name:Chinese pearl Reply

I heard that China is famous for Pearl,I will be Beijing next month,where can I buy some pearls in Beijing?

Name:Re:Chinese pearl

The orientals like to wear necklace and other ornament made of pearl.Most pearl in China at present is fresh water pearl and usually is farmed.So it is very cheap ,but the natural salt water pearl is till very expensive.It is easy to buy pearls in Beijing,but some pearl is fake, you'd better to go to some large shop and the largest one in Beijing is Hongqiao market.

Name:Where to buy pearls? Reply

I am in Beijing right now. Hearsay, that pearls are available in government outlets and authentic too. It will be very much appreciated in assisting we with the information where to buy the pearls.

Name:Re: Where to buy pearls?

Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for your inquiry. The pearl in Beijing is very famous, have you ever been to the summer palace, it is a place to produce fresh water pearls. There are many pearl factories in Beijing, such as the Hongqiao Market, the Jiayixiong Pearl Factory and etc. If you really want to buy some pearls, we can lead you to the market.