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Chinese Painting is world famous. Textual and archaeological sources show that painting has been practiced in China since the Neolithic Age almost 6000 years ago. In the early period of China's history, wall paintings were produced in great numbers, unfortunately as so little early Chinese architecture remains intact; few of the paintings from this era have survived to the modern day.  Surviving paintings from earlier times are of especial interest to archaeologists and historians due to the insight they can give into Chinese culture and life in the periods they were created.

Furthermore, because such Chinese paintings have long been considered as one of the highest cultural achievements in Chinese history, they provide invaluable insights into the development of the aesthetic values and tastes of later artists and of Chinese culture in general. The Chinese painter requires great skill; they must wield their soft paintbrush with strength and dexterity to create a wide variety of different lines-thick, thin, dense, light, long, short, dry, wet.

The sap that is extracted from the varnish tree can go through several stages to produce different types of lacquer. After the impurities of the sap have been removed, it is known as 'crude lacquer'. Crude lacquer is most commonly used as a primer for most lacquer works. This substance alters when it is heated before treatment, with a getle humid heat of between 35-45 degrees Celsius increasing its quality. This lacquer is known as Kurome lacquer. Lacquare Ware is an important part in Traditional furniture.

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I read your website and found Chinese paintings pictures which I feel very preety and completely different from our western paintings. I would like to buy some and hang on the wall. Any suggestion?

Name:Re: Chinese painting

Chinese painting has a long history. In China there are many gallerries selling Chinese paintings by professional painters in big cites that you can collect. If you want to buy some Chinese paintings to decorate the house, then shopping malls is ok for that. But those Chinese paintings are way less of arts and collection value.