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Chinese Music is distinctive and breathtaking. Even the modern Chinese music, which has been influenced by western styles, is still kept its own feature. All civilization around the world have been influenced by music. Traditional Chinese music has remained popular throughout many generations, and are likely to remain popular through the years to come. However, "Chinese traditional music" is too broad a title, as the regional varieties involved in the music of the different people of China are distinct, with each region having

their own style. Chinese music stresses five musical elements, with a five tone scale instead of the Western eight tone scale. These differences make Chinese music sound very different from Western music, as well as the fact that the Chinese language surprises many Westerners, sounding incredible when sung. The two strands of Chinese musical tradition are classical and folk tradition. Classical tradition is considered more sophisticated in comparison to folk music and dance music. These classical traditions can be dated back hundreds of years, if not thousands in Chinese history. Throughout this time, it has consisted as an

oral tradition, being passed down from successive generations. Whilst the music was written down on musical scores, it is almost impossible to play directly from these written scores without the aid of a teacher. Chinese modern music is effected by western music in many ways. Some young people prefer to enjoy jazz and rock-and-roll at bar or pub. Chinese pop-music are mixed with western style and chinese style. Meanwhile, some parents prefer to send their kids to training school or holiday school to learn Chinese traditional music instrument.

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I’m a Swede in music magor. We went to a Chinese folk music concert not long ago. It was very good. I’m thinking of studying music in China next year. Do you have any suggestions?

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Chinese music has a long history and is formed of a very rich traditional heritage of various ethnics. We suggest you coming to Beijing if you want to learn Chinese traditional music. There are several famous Chinese fold music universities that you can choose. They have set up course for foreign students. We could also help you to apply.