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Chinese Folk Toys

Chinese folk toys have been used and enjoyed throughout history. They are thought to portray practical, artistic and educational aspects, emphasizing wisdom and creativity in the cultural heritage of China, allowing for the expression of hopes and dreams. Uncovered examples of traditional Chinese Folk Toys suggest a preference for rhythmic sounds that are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Cymbals, bells, and little gongs, instruments found in traditional folk music, are popular toys, especially in rural areas,

as well as small drums and whistles shaped as birds. Other Chinese Folk Toys have retained popularity include masks and small animal shapes such as lions and dragons. These toys are linked to the myths, beliefs, and religions of the rural people in ancient China, and would have been prized by adults and children alike. Contemporary chinese folk toys include an interesting range of foreign shaped dolls. These include Bobby dollas, light faced dolls with blond or brown curly hair, and blue eyes, to dolls with black hair and faces. These dolls are becoming increasingly popular with Chinese children.It has whilsted some argue that it expresses

a desire to be friend peers around the world, the full meaning of the popularity of these folk toys has yet to be explored. The contemporary chinese childern toys have a large range and have many variety. Many of them are same to the toys in western countrys, like the images of Superman, Spiderman and soon. While some of them are made from Cartoo, the most famous are Xiyangyang and Huitailang, which are from Chinese made cartoo, now have been welcome not only in Chinese children, but also foreign children.

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