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Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings  (Chinese Jiaozi ) are perhaps the most traditional of Chinese foods,which is essential during holidays in Northern China.Chinese dumplings becomes one of the most widely loved foods in China. This is because of many reasons. Here is a list of them.Chinese Dumplings come in a variety of flavours, due to their many delicious combinations of fresh meat and vegetable fillings. Making dumplings is a team effort and is often an activity that the whole family engages in together. They are simply boiled to

cook and often eaten with a special vinegar. Chinese Dumplings gain special significance at certain festivals, most notably the New Year Festival. Chinese Dumpling is traditional for families to come together for a special meal of dumplings, to bring in the New Year. Chinese Dumplings have a symbolic role to play since their shape closely resembles the old gold and silver currency and so they are believed to bring wealth and prosperity.  Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in Chinese New Year.

Since the shape of Chinese dumplings is similar to ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots, they symbolize wealth. Traditionally, The person who find the coin will likely have a good fortune in the New Year. Chinese dumpling is also popular in other Chinese holidays or festivals, so it is part of the Chinese culture or tradition. Chinese dumpling is not just a delicious food, but also as a symbol of people’s mind and aspirations in China.

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Is it available for me to learn making the dumplings in person? Can you provide Chinese cuisine learning service besides the tour service? I will be Beijing next week ,please give me some suggestions ?

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Dumpling is the most favorite food in China.In northern China,people must have Dumpling in Spring Festival.there is Dumpling learning service in our tour packages .I have sent it to your Email.There are specialized schools for you to learn cooking some Chinese food if you are interested in and we can help to cantact them.