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Chinese Bronze Vessels

Chinese bronze vessels can be classified in four main areas, vessels for carring food, wine, water, and to be as musical instruments. Bronze, as an alloy of copper and tin and small amounts of lead, was a very common material to use for early civilizations, and marked the advancement of human culture into the bronze age. Bronze Vessels and iterms has been cast in China for over 5,000 years, and was commonly used until the Shang and Zhou dynasties, most commonly in ancient rituals as well as daily life. The link to ancestral rituals meant that the bronze vessels were greatly desired objects. The sacrificial bronze vessels were kept in

the ancestral halls in order to gain favour and grant respect to their departed ancestors, to ensure intercession on behalf of the living in times of need. Other forms of sacrificial bronze vessels including the Ding, a tripod cauldron that often had four legs, and was used for domestic purposes such as cooking, but became infused with ritual symbolism over time, becoming symbols of power and state. Many Chinese bronze vessels have been discovered don't come from everyday objects such as ploughs and swords,

although these items are in existence. It has whilsted some argue that it expresses a desire to be friend peers around the world, the full meaning of the popularity of these folk toys has yet to be explored. The contemporary chinese childern toys have a large range and have many variety. Many of them are same to the toys in western countrys, like the images of Superman, Spiderman and soon. While some of them are made from Cartoo, the most famous are Xiyangyang and Huitailang, which are from Chinese made cartoo, now have been welcome not only in Chinese children, but also foreign children.

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Name:Bronze Vessels Reply

I saw a lot of stalls selling ancient bronze ware in Panjiayuan antique market in Beijing. Why? I know the history of bronze is very long. I think those can not be true, right?

Name:Re: Bronze Vessels

You’re right. Most bronze ware or vessels sold in general market are fake replica. Even if you find the real ones, those bronze wares are forbidden to take out of China according to the laws. Chinese people love collecting antiques, so making replica has been long in China since ancient times. It’s alright to buy some bronze ware as decoration in house, but I think you should cut it off if you wanna buy real ancient bronze ware.