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Conference Management in China

Every year, thousands of businessmen, sponsors and companies pour into this country, especially into some major cities, such Beijing and Shanghai, to attend various conferences and explor the huge business market potential of China. Boasting a team of efficient and professional business conference managers, we are able to coordinate events, long or short, on your behalf. Our services are offered at extremely reasonable rates, and we will guarantee a polished presentation, ensure you prefect service, and inspire confidence in all who attend.

Services include:
01/ Contractual analysis and negotiation for hotels
02/ Program planning and development
03/ Comprehensive site research/property analysis
04/ Budget and Fiscal services
05/ On-site translation services
06/ Audio/visual presentation services
07/ Project Management
08/ Discounted car rental
09/ Conference Group Travel coordination
10/ Client Communications & Registration
And other services according to your requirement.

During the period when you attend the meeting, you may want to relax and enjoy the beauty of China at the same time. Our China conference travel will provide an opportunity for you to explore more about China. With the help of your private guide and driver, you 'll receive more personal care and in-depth interaction. We’ll arrange the tailored itinerary on basis of the schedule of your conference or meeting, and you are more flexible in choosing the places and time you like to visit.

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Name:Conference Management in Beijing Reply

We have a group for conference for 4 days in Beijing; the tour will be on the last day. However, we need transportation for the group for the first 3 days as they will be attending conference (2nd day) and also visit to their factory (3rd day). As for the dinner, we like to know whether your company will be able to arrange for a place which can accommodate 300 persons.

Name:Re: Conference Management in Beijing

We have such professional experience in holding conference, such as WCOA. We have got an outline of the group's 4-day conference in Beijing. We take the courage to make an detailed itinerary for the group (attached with the mail). Please let us know your opinions about it and you need our quotation for what items.