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Zhongguancun, a technology and electronic center in Beijing, is known as the "China's Silicon Valley". This compact area, located in the Haidian district of Beijing, boasts people who are experts in IT and computer know-how from all over China. There are lots of well-known high-tech Chinese corporations located here such as LenovoChina, Founoe, UFIDA and Sina. There are also many representative stores for foreign companies, including Nokia, HP, IBM and Microsoft. Besides, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as a dozen famous colleges and universities, including Tsinghua University and Beijing University are located in Zhongguancun in Beijing's Haidian District.

Similar to Silicon Valley in the United States, Zhongguancun is a product of the development of the market economy. In 1950's, Zhongguancun is just a household name. Since 1980, it has been known as "electronics avenue", because of its connections to information technology and the preponderance of electronics' stores along the central street. The increasing use of computer and network technologies has accelerated the economic development of Zhongguancun. In June of 1999, the Zhongguancun Scientific and Technological Garden was established. It was the first state-level hi-tech industrial development zone to be founded in China. The Zhongguancun Scientific and Technological Garden aims to become a world-class scientific and technological zone in the years to come.

The name Zhongguancun to Beijingers has become an abbreviation for these markets, where pirated software, gray market imports, refurbished and DIY products and fakes are widely perceived as being as common as legitimate products. You could find almost all electronic products there: from digital cameras, laptops, electronic dictionaries to hard drives, printers, cellphones and flashdrives. However, please take note when you are shopping there that the vendors in the area are really aggressive. They might grab you to their store or shout at your face to get your attention. Popular shopping malls there including: Dinghao Electronic Market, Taipingyang Digital Market, Zhonghai Electronic Market, Off-price Shopping Mall, Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall.

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Name:Is Zhongguancun the best place to buy the computers? Reply

I wonder if Zhongguancun is the best place to buy the computers? I am going to Beijing for working half one year’s time,and i will live in Chaoyang District,but I know that Zhongguancun located at Haidian District,does Caoyang has the similar computer areas?

Name:Advices to buy computers in Beijing

Zhongguancun ,composes of Hailong business world ,E world and Dinghao etc,is the largest center to buy computers and official business equipments not only for Beijing but also for the whole china.Haidian District along with many Universitis also named the silicon valley of Beijing ,So ,Zhongguancun is the best place to go if you want to buy the computers.Actually,there are many computer centers in Beijing.For example,Chaoyang computer collection center is also a good choice if you do not care a little price difference from that of in Zhongguancun.