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Yuyuantan Park, totaling 137 hectares (338.5 acres), is located on Xisanhuan Road (Xisanhuan Lu), in Haidian District. The park boasts extensive waters and beautiful gardens. Half the footprint is occupied by four lakes: the East and West lakes, the gourd-shaped Bayi Lake and Yinshui Lake. As early as the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), this area had become an imperial fishing spot. The northwest Cherry Blossom Garden, Yinshui Lake Scenic Area in the northeast, Zhongshan Isle in the south and the southeast Liuchun (Keeping Spring) Garden are the main scenic spots. Since its early ages, the surrounding of Yuyuantan Park had already fulfilled the requirements of people who pursued peacefulness during that period of time. It also served as a famous spots for fishing for a long time. This park was officially named as Yuyuantan Park by the authority of Beijing in 1960. After that, many constructions as well as projects were taken place here in order to outcome with a better environment here.

Finally, it has completely changed from an old style historical garden to be a modern multi-purpose recreational park in Beijing. The major attractions in Yuyuantan Park are consisted of Cherry Blossom Garden located at western part of the park; Yinshui Lake at the northern part, Zhongshan Island on the southern part, and Liuchun Garden at the eastern of the park. The Cherry Blossom Garden houses over 2000 species of Cherry Blossom is highlighted during this festival. Thus, enjoying breathtaking scenery of Cherry Blossom has become one of the most favorite activities among the locals. Besides, the beauty of Cherry Blossom also attracts many flower lovers as well as photographer nation wide to take part in this festival.
Admission Fee:
CNY 2; CNY 10 (during Cherry Blossom Culture Exhibtions)
Opening Hours: 6:30 - 19:00 (Dec. - the next Mar.)
6:00 - 20:30 (Apr., May, Sep. - Nov.)
6:00 - 21:30 (Jun. - Aug.)

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