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The Yuan Dynasty Dadu City Wall Relics Park, 4.8 kilometers long and 130-160 meters wide, covers an area of 0.67 hectares. It is divided into 7 parts by 6 roads. It has nine scenic areas–new look of the Yuan city wall, heyday of Dadu , dragon pond, emperor’s travel in two capitals, guests from the world, Chinese crabapple blossoms, light of peace, lights on water street, and turrets. Strolling in the park from west to east, visitors can read a mural displaying poems which praise the beauty of flourishing trees in dim fog under the blue sky in ancient times. In a square, archaized forts and sculptures of horses and ancient coins represent the invulnerability and prosperity of the Yuan Dynasty. A group of human sculptures including Kublai Khan (the founder of Yuan Dynasty) and the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo, illustrates the peak of the dynasty. Every year, the Chinese Flowering Crabapple Festival, which is held in the park in April, lures thousands of visitors to enjoy the spectacle of more than 2,000 flowering Chinese crabapple trees. Body-building equipment, a bar street and wash rooms provide convenience for visitors.

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