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Western Restaurants

- Eat Western Food in Beijing

Nowadays, there are more and more western restaurants opend in Beijing. So confined yourself to hotels and a few free-standing Western eateries for sustenance has been no longer necessary for most first-time visitors to Beijing. Someone said that the people in Beijing can find menus from around the world. Most of Asia like Japanese, Indian, Korean and Thai flavor are well represented at close-to-authentic levels. Italian, Russian, French and Spanish restaurants are numerous, some of superb quality. Beijing has many American fast-food outlets. Believe it or not, KFC and Mcdonald’s are very popular among the locals. Subway, Sizzler, and even A&W are also in the mix. Schlotsky's Deli and the Kempi Deli are good choices for sandwiches. Among sit-down options are Pizza Hut, T.G.I. Friday's, Henry J. Bean's, the American-owned Outback Steakhouse. Besides, Starbucks are everywhere while you can even find the Hard Rock Caféand in Beijing!

Justine's, Brasserie Flo, Maxim's de Paris and First Star are the top French restaurants in Beijing, while Bauernstube German Restaurant, Bavaria Bierstube, HOF Brauhaus and Paulaner Brauhaus are good choices for German food. Alfred's Seafood and Entertainment Restaurant are for Mexicans, and go to Genawang Brazilian Churrascos Restaurant, Rio BBQ Restaurant and Brazilian Gauchos Barbeque if you want have Brazilian food. There are many Italian restaurants in Beijing such as Danieli's, Annie's Café, GINO, Bravo Italian Restaurant, Pasta Restaurant, Gisa Italian Restaurant, La Dolce Vita, Roma Ristorante Italiano, Trattoria La Gondola, etc. For Russian food, Moscow Restaurant, Kievruss Restaurant, Traktirr Pushkin, Volga Restaurant and Elephant Russian Restaurant should be nice places. You should go to Shamiana Indian Restaurant and Omar Khayyam if you are interested Indian food.

Want to try some Japanese food? Mokichi Japanese Restaurant, Miyako Japanese Restaurant, Sakura, Mitsukoshi Restaurant and Go Nin Byakusho are good ideas. Nyonya Kitchen, Shenghaichao Restaurant and Malacca Legend serve very nice Indonesian cuisine. Borom Piman Thai Restaurant, Sawasdee, Banana Leaf, Siam Lotus Thai Restaurant, Purple Haze and Very Siam will make your stomach satisfied when you want to have Thai food. Try Vietnamese food in Saigon Inn and Ma Cherie Restaurant. Jing Guang Mongetsukan Restaurant, The Golden Turtle and Korean BBQ Restaurant are famous Korean Restaurants in Beijing. The restaurants have its own area to promote their food and attract different people. Most western restaurants especially those that cater to foreigners, are located in Chaoyang district, around the embassy area. The most picturesque spot to dine in Beijing is around the Back Lakes, an area of well-preserved hutong (narrow lanes) and idyllic lakes.

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