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7 Seats Van Transportation & Rental

- Beijing Airport Transfer and Vehicle Hire Service
Tour Code:BT103From:USD80

Vehicle Details - Our 7-seat van rental service is suitable for a small group of 3-5 people who need the vehicle transfer service in Beijing. Our 7 Seats Vans are Refine, Mercedes MB100, Buick GL8 with 6-cylinder performance, air conditioning system, AM/FM stereo cassette, 7 passengers' seats and safe belts. All the vans we provide are clean, comfortable and non-smoking with licensed chauffeurs who have at least ten-year driving experience. No matter you need airport limo service, day tour car hire or business vehicle rental, we are committed to offer the quality service for all your needs.

Beijing 7-seat Van Transfer and Rental Service
1. Airport / Hotel Transfer Service:  USD80/time (within 30 km)
2. 1-Day Beijing Vehicle Rental:  USD140 (within 100 km and 8 hours)
3. 1-Day Beijing / Tianjin Vehicle Rental:  USD190 (within 300 km and 9 hours)
4. Beijing / Tianjin Xingang Port & Tanggu Vehicle Rental:  USD220 (within 380 km and 9 hours)
Service Inclusions: Gas fare; Parking fare; Driver's salary; Accident insurance.
Service Exclusions: Bridge and road toll; Fare for extra km and hour, English speaking escort guide.
7-Seat Van Description
Refine vehicles have a very strict quality control system, and reach the requirements of ISO9000 and other international universally quality certification. And it uses Audit appraisal system which is also used by Volkswagen to evaluate products quality on the side of users with the most selective vision. The total numbers of Refine have been over 200,000 units, the best-selling MPV in China.
Mercedes MB100 is a small panel van made by Mercedes-Benz in three different versions: a cargo van, a passenger van with more windows, and a camper-van. The vehicle was powered by a 2.4 litre diesel making about 55 kW (73 hp), an engine also used in 207D.
Buick GL8 is a minivan sold by General Motors' Buick division in China. It is a hybrid vehicle that uses a 35 kW fuel cell and compressed hydrogen gas to deliver its power. Unlike other GM minivans, a roof rack was never offered. Many people tend to think the Buick Terraza was Buick's first minivan, since the GL8 is exclusively sold in the Chinese market.

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