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Reclining Buddha Temple is an attractive travel spot in Beijing. It is located on the eastern side of the Fragrant Hills in the western suburb of Beijing. The temple was first built during the Zhenguan period (627-249) of the Tang Dynasty, when it was also known as the Temple of Peaceful Longevity (Shou' ansi). In later periods it fell into ruin and was rebuilt and renamed several times. One of the last major renovations was completed in 1724. There was a Reclining Buddha carved by sandalwood in the temple in Tang Dynasty. Later, in order to accommodate a large bronze reclining Buddha, weighing 25,000kg of bronze and cast in 1320, the temple was enlarged in the Yuan Dynasty. The buildings are laid out traditionally. Five main halls stand one after another, all with side halls on both sides. Reclining Buddha Temple compound is built on an enormous scale.

Covered galleries and auxiliary halls to create a completely enclosed series of courtyards link four large halls aligned along the central axis. The first structure, the shanmen, serves as the main gate. There stands a glazed tile ornamental archway, and inside is a bell tower and a drum tower flank a semi-circular pool. The second large building of Reclining Buddha Temple is the Devaraja Hall (Hall of the Heavenly Kings).The third one and the most important hall is the Hall of the Reclining Buddha. This reclining Buddha, positioned as sleeping with head towards west and face south, over 5 meters long shows Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, surrounded by his 12 disciples in mourning. According to legend, this scene represents the Buddha on his deathbed giving instructions to his 12 disciples, who are seated under a pair of sal (poluo) trees, which bloom in late

spring or early summer. Everyday hundreds of travelers would come to visit the Reclining Buddha. Some of them like to burn insense to the Buddha. Because they believe the Buddha could bring them happiness and health. Especially on the Chinese New Year's Day, lots of people come to the Reclining Buddha Temple to pray for their family and good luck. At very rear of the temple is a sutra repository built against a cliff. On the western side are rockeries, pavilions and mountain vegetation, all contribute to the beauty of the garden-like setting. Here are some guide information for your tour to Reclining Buddha Temple: Address: the Botanical Garden, Wofo Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Admission Fee: CNY 5, but CNY 10 is required to enter the Botanical Garden, Openning Hours: 09:00 – 21:00. Contact Number: 86-10-62591209

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