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The Qianmen Culture Street is a zone that most integrally preserves the local scenes, historical sites and cultural relics, located just to the south of Qianmen Gate in the Tian'anmen Square. As one of the most attractive historical sites in Beijing's old town, Qianmen Street has received millions of tourists from all over the world come to visit when they travel to Beijing. Qianmen Street is a famous business street in old Beijing, located in the center line of Beijing city, starting from the front tower of Zhengyang Gate, ending at Zhu Shi Kou Street in the south. It has been a distinctive street since Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911), famous for its architecture, business, folk-custom and operatic culture. As a symbol of genuine Beijing local culture, Qianmen Street had boomed in prosperous business, complex of brand stores, street vendors selling tradtional handicrafts and

Xiangsheng (Chinese comic dialogue) and acrobatic performances in Qing Dynasty. It was destroyed by the eight-power allied forces in 1900. The reconstructive project has been discussed and amended 32 times. The final plan to restore Qinamen Street is in accordance with old photos of Qianmen in the 1920s and 1930s. After its reconstruction, Qianmen Street reproduces old Beijing' s look and atmosphere. Streetcars, decorated archway (pailou) and bird cages as well as bronze drums and candied haws, all familiar to Beijing people. Many architectures with Chinese and western styles are preserved, including former sites of Qianmen railway station, China Bank of Communication which are full of classical European architectural style, while Quan Ju De, the famous Roast Duck restaurant, keeps its simple Chinese style. Many traditional brands are back to Qianmen Street,

such as Zhangyiyuan tea house, Yitiaolong mutton, Duyichu shaomai (dumpling) and other time-honored brands. After the renovation, Qianmen Street still keeps a classical theme with traditional Chinese elements of decoration style and architectures. Many international brands also set up branches in the Qianmen Street, such as Haagen-Dazs, Jack & Jones. It is also very convenient to draw or exchange money in Qianmen Street with several Chinese banks, such as Bank of China. The reopened Qianmen Street is a mixture of traditonal classical Beijing and modern metroplitan. Some old locals say the unique old Beijing traditional flavor couldn't be simply revived through replicas, but young generations are excited about the Qianmen Street because of its new but traditional look. Here's some guide information of the Qianmen Culture Street
Location: Qianmen Street, Beijing, China        Opening hours: 08:00 – 21:00         Tickets: free

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User Comments

Name:Is Qianmen (front door ) culture street a new place to go shopping? Reply

Hi ,I have been to Beijing for many times before,but I have not visit Qianmen(front door ) culture street,is it newly built?is it alike wangfujing Pedestrian street ? The photo looks beautiful,I will go to Beijing again next month,and I want to pay a visit there this time.

Name:Shopping at the front door commercial street

Yes , the front door commercial street was newly built ,accuratelly, it was reconstructed on the base of old dashilan commercial street. nowadays front door Pedestrian street is the biggest ancient architecture style commercial street with not only the century shops but also the modern name brands .It is deserved to see if you have the chance .