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The Pool and Cudrania Temple

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The Pool and Cudrania Temple, known as Tanzhe Temple or Tanzhe Si in Chinese, is located about 40 kilometers west of Beijing in the southeast part of Mentougou District. The Tanzhe Temole was first built in 307 AD in the Jin Dynasty with a 1,700 years long history. It is the oldest temple in Beijing maybe with a even longer history than Beijing City, and it also has the reputation of the First Temple in Capital Beijing. Tanzhe Temple accepts many visitors who travel from other places to visit the temple every day. It is encircled by nine mountains lining up in a U-shaped. The mountains stops the winds from northwest, which makes the climate of the Pool and Cudrania Temple really warm and nice. The Pool and Cudrania Temple covers an area of 2.5 hectares ans spreads an area of 11.2 hectares outside. The total size including the forests on the mountains could reach to

more than 121 hectares. The buildings were built according to the curve of the Tanzhe Mountain. The Pool and Cudrania Temple had 999 rooms at its peak time in the Qing Dynasty, sincerely a miniature of the imperial city. It is said that the Forbidden City was built according to the design of Tanzhe Temple in the early Ming Dynasty. Nowadays, there are 943 Jian rooms, including 638 Jian ancient halls. A Jian means a space upholded by four pillars in Chinese architecture. The Pool and Cudrania Temple is the largest ancient temple complex in the outskirts of Beijing which still keeps the Ming and Qing style. The complex has a strict symmetrical layout along the central axis. Tanzhe Temple is also famous for its all manner of architectural figures, various forms of palace, hall, pavilion, tower, fast room and altar. It was regarded as the Temple of Auspicious Fortune. It was enlarged and

renamed to the Dragon Spring Temple during the Tang Dynasty, and its buildings have been rebuilt several times since. The temple got its name from the Dragon Pool nearby and the Cudrania trees that grow all around the temple. Great care was taken when building the temple, so that it appears to have been carefully set into a beautiful natural scene. The temple itself is beautifully designed and follows traditional architectural styles over several plateaus. The Pool and Cudrania Temple is famous for its cultural relics inclufing diverse constructions and pogada tombs. Tanzhe Temple has became a renowned Buddhist temple as well as a famous tourist destination. Here's some guide information of the Pool and Cudrania Temple ( Tanzhe Si )
Location: Tanzhe Mountain, Mentougou District, Beijing         Contact number: +86 10 60802505         Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00         Tickets: CNY35

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