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Stone Flower Cave is located in Fangshan District, about 55 kilometres (35 miles) southwest of Beijing, and discovered more than 550 years ago. It is a national famous scenic spot and geological park which is noted for the unique Karst cave sightseeing and a valuable informational bank on geological research. The cave is on seven levels with an asphalt road straight to the entrance. It is one of the biggest caves in China, and contains a superb collection of beautiful sights. At present, only three levels with a total length of 1,900 metres are open to the public although the cave stretches much further. It is a cave formed from limestone karst formations, similar to those found near Guilin in southern China.

The first to the sixth layers are the cave scenery area and the seventh layer is the underground river. There are twelve huge "cave halls" which are interconnected with countless narrow passages, sixteen "cave chambers" and 71 "branch caves" in many sizes and shapes.The inside is a fairyland on earth. You will be amazed at nature's creativity. All of the features are made of stone: fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and, flowers. Stalactites and stalagmites are growing until one day they meet. The milk white stone "Yue Nai Shi" is a wonder in the cave and a national treasure. It comes in many shapes such as stone lotus and mushroom.

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