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Silk Market, known as Xiushui Jie in Chinese or Xiushui market, is a famous shopping destination for shoppers and bargain hunters, located along Chang An avenue near Yong'anli subway station Line1. It might be the most attractive destination to visit despite of all the places of interest for most foreign tourists who travel to Beijing and don't have much time to shop. The originally Silk Market was an outdoor open street market in Xiushui Dongjie, southeast of Ritan newar the First Embassy Area of Beijing. The Xiushui Jie was ordered to be shut down for demolition on January 6th, 2005, due to fire-safty hazards, security issues an the absence of land permits from individual landlords. The Xiu Shui market was reopened for business in the new 6 storeys shopping mall in the March of 2005. The Silk Market is famous for its sales of fame luxurious brands,

like Gucci, Prada, Channel and etc. The merchandise in the Silke Markets cover all span of stuff, like clothes, shoes, electrinics, suitcases, jewelleries, silk, cashmere etc. You name it, they got it. The Silk Market is to some extant a paradise for those who love shopping. There are abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes, making it an ideal place for a day of shopping and fun. All possible tastes and needs cater to the shoppers by the market, with great deals of clothes and footwear. You can get shoes, tailored suits and cutting edge fashion all under the one roof. Also for sale are books, Chinese arts and jewelry. A major attraction must be the range of hand stitched ethnic fashions. It is not only the clothes, but also the works of art. These beautiful garments are produced to high standard and command a high price, but bargain hard and fantastic deals will come your way.

For the best deals get there at opening time and all the vibrancy and skill of Chinese art and traditional clothing can be yours for the taking. The Silk Market is attracting approximately 20,000 visitors daily (from 9am to 9pm) on weekdays and between 50,000 and 60,000 on weekends as of 2006. Shopping in the Silk Market, you could get something really nice as long as you're good at bargaining. If you're not, just watch and learn, all the customers and salesmen are examples for you to study. The staff of the stalls are pushy and rude sometimes, but compare with before it's much better. And even their English get better. If you're tired from shopping, you could just walk outside of the mall to the restaurants and bars just out of the Silk Market, or to the sixth floor for some food. Here's some guide information of the Silk Market
Location: North of Dong Chang An Avenue, Jianguimenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing       Contact number: +86 10 51699003       Tickets: free           Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00

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Name:Does the silk market receive the US dollars ? Reply

I have heard the silk market for a long time ,and I must have a look at it this time ,can I use the USD ,and make a bargain there ? I heard that there are false name brand articles,it is easy to take that?

Name:Advices to go the silk market

Silk market is the first choice to go shopping for the foreigners.So you can use the foreign currencies there such as the USD, the GBP,the EUR even the TWD.Almost every salesperson can speak the simple English.In silk market, it is easy to find the mimic name brands which are in different ranks according to their quality and counterfeit level.You could bargain in silk market,and as to the discount rate ,you need to talk about yourself .