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Situated on the outskirts of Beijing, Shidu scenic area is a home away from home for many urban Beijingers needing a breather. The wonderful scenery and abundance of activities makes it a worthwhile excursion.Shidu’s clear river bends around magnificent mountains and forests home to famous historical relics. The area is abundant with winding gullies leading to whirlpools at the bottom of natural rock formations and towering cliffs. Shidu covers an area of 300 square kilometres and is the largest scenic area and Karst valley within northern China.

Shidu’s sights include the Immortal Peak Valley, Ten-thousand Scenery Immortal Ditch, Big Canyon of South, Pu Du Mountain Village, Martyr’s Cemetary of Pingxi Resistance Against Japan, West Lake Ferry, and Five-star Gorge. Powerful karst limestone formations cover the forest creating ideal conditions for hiking.If you are an adrenaline junkie, bungee jumping, rock climbing and cliff parachuting are available. The 48-meter high bungee jumping platform was apparently the first in China when it opened in 1997. A 58-metre platform was also built the following year. The cost for one jump is 150 RMB for the smaller platform and 180 RMB for the taller platform. Other activities include horse riding, canoeing, water-skiing, boating, gliding and kayaking. For those wishing to unwind and relax, there are many river beds set up exclusively for basking in the sun’s rays.

Located only 96 kilometres from the centre of Beijing, Shidu is conveniently located for a relaxing weekend away. Public transport is the easiest way to get here, and there are buses and trains leaving regularly. The tourist bus number 10 is a special line which runs on the weekend from Qianmen, Fuchengmen and Xuanwumen. You can also take the tourist express number 7 from South Beijing Station directly to Shidu. The trains 7095, 7178, 7197 and 7096 all connect to Shidu from South Beijing Railway Station.

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