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Shichahai, with a history almost 900 years, is one of Beijing's most famous travel scenic areas. It consists of three lakes: Rear Lake, Front Lake and West Lake. It forms the center of a larger area of historic interest as many old buildings, traditional Hutongs and courtyards surround the lakes. During the Yuan Dynasty, as the terminus of the Great Canal, it was an important trade and business center. During the Ming Dynasty, it became an area of leisure for people to walk and enjoy the shade of the willow trees and cool water. In the last 200 years, many government officials, celebrities, monks and nuns chose to build mansions, temples and nunneries in Shichahai. So Shichahai's attractions are not only renowned for their natural beauty, but also for the historical value of its architecture. The most famous historical buildings here are Gong Wang Fu (Prince Gong's

Mansion), Chun Wang Fu (Price Chun's Mansion), the Former Residence of Song Qing Ling, the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang (the well-known Peking Opera master) and Guang Hua Temple. The greatest points of interest in Shichahai today are the historic residences, the Hutongs and Courtyards. In and around Beijing, Shichahai is one of the best places to view well preserved Hutongs and courtyards. The most famous Hutong is Jin Si Tao, which actually includes 18 Hutongs and has preserved the original layout of the area. Another famous Hutong is Yan Dai Xie Jie, meaning a street that looks like a long-stemmed pipe, which was sold along the Hutong. Lots of travelers would like to look around the street to feel the traditional sense of

Beijing. People can also find two old brands in Shichahai. One is Kao Rou Ji, a restaurant selling roast meat, which has been in business for over 150 years; the other is Bao Du Zhang, which has sold cooked tripe for four generations. Visiting Shichahai provides a unique and fascinating glance into the lifestyle and character of ancient Beijing. By visiting Shichahai, visitors will get an authentic taste of the style and features of Old Beijing. As Shichahai is close to Drum Tower and the north gate of Beihai Park, visitors can take buses reaching either of them and then visit Shichahai. Here are some guide information for your tour to Shichahai: Address: 23 Jia Yangfang Hutong,Denei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. Admission Fee: free, Openning Hours: Changling Tomb: all day long, Contact Number: 86-10- 66127652. By the way, the lake area supply small boats for tourists in Summer.

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Name:Shichahai Area Travel Guide Reply

There have been several mentions of visiting hutongs in Beijing travel guide books. Which one or more do you recommend if I only have one afternoon and evening? Is Shichahai a good place to go? What experience should not be missed? Thanks. Marlyne

Name:Re: Shichahai Area Travel Guide

The best area to travel is probably the hutongs in the Shichahai area. This is also where you can get a rickshaw tour. If they offer the special courtyard tour, it worth to take and see! Good luck. David.