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Sanlitun Bar Street, located in a Embassy District of Chaoyang, where used to be a small street with bars has now turned into a wide area of bars and other entertainment. Sanlitun has been one of the most popular entertainment areas for foreign expats and tourists in Beijing. Most travelers stay during a circuitously Westin, Intercontinental, as well as Hilton as English is a central denunciation, as well as American Apparel, Apple, Adidas, Starbuck, McDonald, as well as Hooters have been sure to be nearby. Over dual dozen bars fibre this slight tree-lined Sanlitun street. Each bar offers a singular party to a expats as well as internal patrons.

A dance bar, as well as bars of all sorts together with punk, Irish, karaoke, cigar, jazz/blues, list dance, Belgian, competition, as well as fish-and-chip have been only a couple of genres which can be speckled simply from a outward full of color decors as well as neon lights. Having difficulty to select a single, you confirm to only begin during a commencement of a travel as well as you will see how distant you get during a finish of a night…
Address: Chaoyang District, Sanlitun
Directions: San Li Tun is about 500 meters west of the Tuan Jie Hu station on Subway Line 10; or just say "Sanlitun" to any taxi driver and they will know where to take you.

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