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Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

- Most famous Peking Duck Restaurant

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant is the most famous historied brand of Peking Duck in China. Established in 1864, in the region of Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty, Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant enjoys a high reputation among domestic and overseas cunsumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality. "What does the name Quanjude mean?" As our Premier Zhou once explained: Quan means perfection without a flaw, Ju means gathering without departing, and De means virtues to be supreme. Therefore, Quanjude together implies perfection, union and benevolence.

Beijing Quanjude Group established on May 20th of 1993, since when Quanjude entered to a new episode. The Quanjude Group develped the stategy to take advatage of Quanjude brand and expand the business by scaling, modernizing and franchising with quality playing the crucial role. Currently the Quanjude Roast Duck Group has over 60 company-owned restauratants in China. The restaurant chain sells over 2 million roast ducks served in 400 different styles to over 5 million customers annually. Many government leaders, officials and VIPs from all over the world have visited and had dinner in Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurants. In January of 1999, Qujude was awarded the title of "China Renowned Trademark".

Quanjude has eight direct branches and several other franchises in Beijing. The original Quanjude resturant building lies at the Qianmen street with several other branches in other locations in Beijing. The largest Quanjude reataurant is located on Hepingmen Ave. whose locataion was hand picked by former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. It covers a floor area of 15,000 square meterswith 40 private dining rooms and can host about 2,000 guests. Following is the information about the famous Quanjude branches in Beijing:
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Qianmen Headquater)
Address: No. 14, Qianmen West Street, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-63048987 
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Hepingmen Branch)
Address: Southeast corner of Hepingmen, Hepingmen Dajie, Xuanwu District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-65523745
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Yayuncun Branch)
Address: No. 309 Huizhong Beili, Chaoyang District  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-64801686
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Dianmen Branch)
Address: No. 57 Dianmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-63023062
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Wangfujing Branch)
Address: No.9, Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-63023062

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User Comments

Name:Which is the most famous Roast Duck restaurant in Beijing? Reply

I’ve heard long that Peking Roast Duck is delicious. I’ll fly to Beijing in about a month. Please, which is the most famous Peking Duck restaurant? I’ve been told Quanjude is with the longest history and the oldest one. How much does it cost for a meal in Quanjude? Is the price reasonable?

Name:Re:Which is the most famous Roast Duck restaurant in Beijing?

Yes, Quanjude Peking Duck restaurant is the oldest and most famous Peking Roast Duck restaurant in Beijing. The best branch is Qianmen Quanjude and Hepingmen Quanjude. Also there are many branches all over Beijing besides these two. The price is comparatively high among duck restaurants, but not the most expensive one. If you want to have Beijing Duck, we believe Quanjude Roast Duck restaurant would be the first choice.