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Purple Bamboo Garden is situated at 45, Baishiqiao Lu and near the west of the Capital Gymnasium in Haidian District. The Purple Bamboo Garden is featured by a large variety of bamboos. There are more than 54 bamboo species with more than 500,000 bamboos planted here. Among them the most famous one is the purple bamboo with a large amount. The park covers an area of 140,000 square meters (34.5 acres) including three connecting lakes and two islands. It consists of the Purple Bamboo Pavilion, the Gallery for Watching the Moon, a winding walkway that leads out over the water, and a square pavilion that are harmonious with the surrounding environment. Entering the garden, you will find yourself in a bamboo world. The garden has more than 50 species of bamboos on display.

Among the diverse bamboo stock, such as mottled bamboos, purple bamboos, fishpole bamboos, the most common by far is the purple bamboo. Every year, people flock to the Bamboo Culture Festival, held from April to June. Most things in the garden are decorated with bamboo, including the floor, pavilion, table, chair and the bridge. Today, with the fresh air and the beautiful sceneries, it becomes a major park for leisure and holiday tour. Whatmore, it is rather an ideal place for those who are fond of bamboos. You will gain a better understanding about Chinese bamboo culture through the many kinds of bamboo buildings found here, and may even come across some of the many happily enjoy the art of bamboo dancing.
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours:
06:00-22:00   May 1-September 30
06:00-21:00   October 1-April 30

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