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Olympic Green is the core are for 2008 Olympic Games, where assembles most important facilities such as competition venues, the Olympic Village, the International Broadcasting and TV Center, and so on. Situated on the north tip of the city, Olympic Green covers a total area of 1135 hectare, and is divided into three areas. The north part is the Olympic Frost Park, covering 680 hectare. The central area covers 291 hectares, including the main stadium and accessory areas. The south part is 114 hectares, with complete stadium and gymnasiums and planned reserve area. The Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is also included into the Olympic Forest Park.

Adjacent to Asian Games stadium and gymnasiums and their accessory facilities, Olympic Green is populous and the traffic there is fast and convenient with good infrastructures, commercial and cultural facilities. The planning of the Olympic Green is aimed at the long-term city development and the needs of citizen's material and cultural life. It will be a multifunctional activity center for citizens, which combined sports competition, convention, exhibition, cultural recreation, leisure and shopping with open space, green lawns and fine environment. It is the ecological shelter for the new Beijing. This "back garden of Chinese hills and waters" becomes the amusement center for the citizens after the Olympic.

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