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Beijing is one of the most famous tours in China. One of the most famous attractions in Beijing is LongQingXia, or also called LongQing Gorge. Long Qing Xia is a canyon outside of Beijing, about 50 miles north of the city. Long means dragon, Qing means honor or celebrate, and Xia means gorge. When you are going to visit Beijing, don’t miss to visit LongQingXia. LongQingXia is the great place to go in your holiday in Beijing Tour, there you will get the fresh air and the beautiful view of the scenery.

In the winter, Long Qing Xia also become a great place to visit, because in every year between January and February, they build a lot of ice sculptures which is called the Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival and it looks very nice with the various colors. In the other way, on the summer, Long Qing Xia is also the best place to go in you Beijing Tour, because the air is very fresh and cooler than in the city. Lots of local people or foreigners come to visit LongQingXia each day in Beijing Tour. The tourists also can take the boat along the lake about 7 kilometers and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. It takes two or three hours tour all the scenic spots along the river. One of the attractions you should visit in Beijing Tour is LongQingXia, visit there you will not be regret.

How to go to LongQingXia:
You can choose private car transfer or the public hus transfer. If bus transfer, you've got to go from Deshengmen, the bus station next to the metro jishuitan. You take the bus 919 to Yanqing (1h45) (4.3 yuan with the bus card). In Yanqing, you change and take the bus 920 (30 min) (0.8 yuan) to Longqingxia. Then you arrive on the site, you have to walk 15 min from the road. The entrance is 140 yuan. After going through the dragon, you can take the boat to see the waters or walk till the temple on the top of the mountain, or go there with the teleferic (100 yuan).

LongQingXia Gorge Tour

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