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Jingdong Grand Canyon, also called Wulongtan ("Deep Pool of Five Dragons") Grand Canyon is situated about 85 kilometers east of the center of Beijing, and spans some 6 square kilometers. There are over 60s attractions throughout Jingdong Grand Canyon, inside the canyon are numerous caves, deep pools, craggy peaks, splashing waterfalls, and an enormous reservoir. Major attractions of Jingdong Grand Canyon:
1.Xiangtan Waterfall (Sound Pond Waterfall)
Xiangtan Waterfall is located right above the fifth pond, Xiangtan (Sound Pond) with over 30 meters height.
2.Wulongtan (Five Dragon Pond)
Wulongtan is five naturally formed ponds that named as Jing, Xian, Guai, Ling and Xiang according to its position.
Tongtianxia looks like a tall mountain which was cut into two. When you look from afar, the gap joint is very thin and impossible for a person to pass through. However, when you get closer, you will that the smallest point of the gap reaches one meter width as well.
Jingdong Grand Canyon is well known for its five ponds, but the walkways that connecting four out of ponds are very unique in design and worth for a visit as well.
5.Longmen Lake
Longmen Lake covers an water surface of 40,000 square meters. Rain fall, snow and ice melt, water from the peak of mountain, water from waterfall, stream water, water from Longtan (Dragon Pond) and small rivers within this canyon have made up the water in this lake.

Moreover, the entertainment items in the scenic area are adventurous and exciting. The Scenery Aerial Tramway is 1,000 meters (about 1,094 yards) in length, by which visitors can overlook the whole scenery of the canyon. Walking on the plank roads that link two cliffs will be a thrill for many. There is even a facility for the brave to walk on the high wire. Moreover, a harvest celebration is held from July to October every year. Visitors can pick apricots, apples, pears and hawthorns by themselves. Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:30
Entrance Fee: CNY 60 (students, soldiers, the handicapped, and seniors at 50% discount; 20% discount on 40 group tickets)
Aerial Tramway: CNY 40 per person (for a round trip)
Slipway: CNY 80 per person
Tightrope Walking: CNY 20 per person

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