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Regard as one of the best wooden theatre in Beijing, the Huguang Guild Hall was first built in 1807. It was one of centers of political and social life in the Late Qing Dynasty, where authoritative officials and average persons had fun together, dining, chatting and watching Beijing Opera staged by famous actors. Huguang is the only guild hall owning a theatre and the first guild hall renewed and opened in line with its original layout.The opera house is splendid and imposing with an antique flavor. That has been a major stage of Beijing Opera house, the leading Beijing opera Stars often give performances to the public at night. It is very cheerful to enjoy the opera, while sipping tea in the theatre. Wen Chang pavilion is now an exhibition hall of the Beijing theatrical museum. Huguang guild hall restaurant has a style of its own. Visitors can enjoy dishes with Beijing flavor, which is a part of the traditional the eatrical culture, your persence is cordially requested.
Address : No.3, Hufangqiao Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Phone : 86-10-63518284

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