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Hospitals in Beijing

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There are many world-class hospitals and medical centers came up in Beijing and provide essential medical services to the people. For any unseen medical emergencies while traveling in Beijing, the city has a good number of hospitals that offer the best of facilities and well-qualified doctors. The traditional Chinese medical hospitals are also a treasure for the city and the nation. Many overseas students come to China and study the mysterious traditional Chinese medicine and the acupuncture, which promote the Chinese medical culture to the world.
Besides the local hospitals, there are many international hospitals and foreign clinics in Beijing, which can provide the medical services to the foreign ambassadors and their families, foreign specialists, foreign employees and visitors without any language barrier. For the convenience of patients, all the foreign clinics run 24 hours a day. Here is the information of the famous hospitals in Beijing:

Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Xiehe Hospital)
Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Xiehe Hospital) is a renowned general hospital in China with a prestigious historical background. Founded by Rockefeller Foundation in 1921, the hospital, with its gathering of notable experienced physicians, medical professionals and scientific researchers of various specialties, has maintained its leading position as one of the top-ranked hospitals in China for over 80 years. Address: 1, ShuaifuYuan, Wangfujing. Emergency Telephone: 86 10 65296114
Beijing Tongren Hospital
"Tongren" is the most famous trademark in Chinese Medicine which was founded in 1886. With the hundreds years' history, Beijing Tongren hospital consists of a complete spectrum of specialties with excellent, strong clinical foundations and expertise. Equipped with the most advanced medical equipments and technologies in China, the hospital is famous for its outstanding ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. Address: No.2, Chongwenmennei Street, Dongcheng District. Appointment Hotline: 86 10 65237754
Beijing Children's Hospital (BCH)
As its name showed, Beijing Children's Hospital is the biggest and most famous Children's hospital. Address: No.56 Nanlishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing Emergency Telephone: 86 10 68028401
China-Japan Friendship Hospital
As being one of the largest overseas gratis programs implemented by Japanese Government, the hospital was opened in 1984 with the free economic assistance of Japan. It is a favorite one among Asians, especially the Japanese. Address: Yinghuayuan Dong Jie, Chaoyang District. Emergency Telephone: 86 10 84205566

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Name:I am Polish, want to know which hospital is better in Beijing ? Reply

I am going to Beijing for working one year’s time ,and i want to know some information about Beijing’s hospital .I am a foreigner you know,so can you give me some suggestions that which hospital is better ?Oh ,I live in Chongwen District.

Name:Suggestions to Beijing’ hospital

There are many hospitals in Beijing ,according to your situation, I suggest you go to the big hospital which has the special department to serve the foreigners.Both the service attitude and the medical treatment level are good and the fee-for-service can apply for reimbursement.Hospital like the Beida hospital,Xiehe hospital(Peking Union Medical College Hospital)and China-Japan friendship hospital are all the best choice. If you live in Chongwen District,the best one for you is Xiehe hospital.