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Ghost Street (Gui Jie)

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Guijie or Ghost Street is a 1442-meter long gourmet street, located within Dongzhimennei Dongcheng District, running from the east of Dongzhimen Bridge. The name 'Ghost Street' is said to come from the old ghost fairs in Beijing, where fruits and vegetables were sold by ghostly light of kerosene lamps. If there is one place that can satisfy your craving for new and exotic foods in Beijing, it is Ghost Street. With over 100 restaurants lining the lantern-lit streets, it is full of exciting new flavors, traditional courtyards and really great tasting food. From traditional Beijing cuisine to Sichuan, Yunnan and foreign cuisine, this street has something for all tastes.

Locals, expats, tourists and businessmen flock here each night. The restaurants here serve a great diversity of dishes, including Sichuan, Canton, handong dishes, as well as snacks, barbecue, and ethnic minority dishes. Most of the restautants are focused on the common market - ordinary people with reasonable prices. But now some deluxe restautants have mushroomed too. The 1500-meter street is divided into three sections from east to west by three traffic lights. Within two traffic lights from east to west, are located some newly established luxury restautants offering business meals. Starting the third traffic light from east are the courtyard-style restaurants. Many people like to come to the third section due to its traditional surrounding, delicious local flavors with reasonable prices.

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