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The Former Residence of Mei Lanfang was originally a part of Prince Qing's Mansion, located in Huguosi Street in the West District in Beijing. It's quite a desirable place for many art lovers to visit and travel to, one of the historical and cultural sites under the state protection. It was donated to the country by his wife in 1965, along with his entire collection of art and literature. Since 1984, it has been converted into a museum and protected by the State due to its historical and cultural significance. Mei Lanfang was born in a Beijing Opera performer's family in 1894 and began his debut on the stage at the tender age of 11. During his 50 years' career, he maintained a standard of excellence while never ceasing to explore new techniques. He was most famous for his female roles and skillful portrayal of women, which won him international acclaim due to his impeccable timing and

signature style. His techniques are now studied by young actors and be named as the "Mei School". He was the first artist to contribute cultural exchanges with other foreign countries. After 1949, Mei Lanfang also served as the director of the China Beijing Opera Theater, director of the Chinese Opera Research Institute, and vice-chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The Former Residence of Mei Lanfang is a typical Chinese traditional courtyard which covers an area of 716 square meters. Mei Lanfang moved here after the courtyard was renovated when the communist party came to power and spent the last 10 years of his life in this courtyard. After he passed away in 1961, Premier zhou enlai suggested turning the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang into a memorial museum for Mer's great achievement and contribution in art and cultural exchanges.

Then Mei's family donated lots of priceless articles including photos, scripts, etc, which amounted to over 30,000 pieces to the government. In October, 1986, Deng Xiaoping inscribed the name of the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang. The front court was converted to exhibition area showing Mer's career and his performances and researches in and visit to forein countries through lots of pictures and objects. The rear courtyard kept the same appearance as when he still lived here. The rear courtyard of the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang disolays his living room, study and bedroom, where the furniture and objects that he used are showcased. There is also a video room at the east ear room displaying his elegant performances to the visitors. Here's some guide information of the Former Residence of Mei Lanfang
Location: No. 9 Huguosi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China                 Tickets: CNY10                 Opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00            Contact number: 86 10 66183598

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I’m from Brazil. I’m interested in Peiking Opera very much. I’ve learned that Mr. Meilanfang is the most famous Peking opera performer. I’d like to see his former residence. It would be better if there is English-speaking or Portuguese-speaking narrator at Former Residence of Mei Lanfang.

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We’re very glad to hear that you like our Chinese Peking Opera. Former Residence of Mei Lanfang is the house when Mr.Mei lived in Beijing. At present, it has been renovated. But no English-speaking guide is available. If you need, we can provide you an English-speaking or Spanish-speaking guide, but the fee for guide service is needed. Besides, we can also provide transfer service.