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Drifting in Beijing

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Drifting in Beijing is a newly welcomed activity that attracts most of the young people come to have a try. The drifting area is at the outskirt of the city and constructed along the river banks. Drift boats are truly the ultimate in fly fishing boats. For the angler who wants a boat that is designed for fly fishing and that can handle up to Class III whitewater, a drift boat is the way to go. Drift boats were designed for one thing - fly fishing the big rivers out West. In terms of pure fly fishing ability, a drift boat is the best boat an angler can have. A drift boat is extremely maneuverable, roomy and allows an angler to easily stand while fishing. Its ability to handle moderate whitewater gives it great flexibility in what waters it can be used in, something most pontoon boats lack. If you want to spend a midsummer weekend drifting in the outskirts of Beijing. Here are some information of drifting in Beijing:

Guihe River Drifting
The most famous drifing area in Beijing is the Gui River at Yanqing County. Over 400 available boats and rubber rafts ply a 15 kilometer section of the river, to the northwest of Beijing city; its biggest drop in elevation is only one meter. The river, famed as the East Rihne, has retained its original natural environment, making it one of the most favored attractions for ecological tours. The whole trip includes over 100 turnings, small and big. Along the river, there are such scenic spots as Lovers Island, Reed Flower Beach and Magpie Forest. Visitors can arrange their expedition as they wish, with varying difficulty and duration. The river is said not to be polluted, but there is no guarantees of that.
Tanghe River Drifting
The river area remains in rustic natural conditions with parse population. Its unique geomorphology attracts various kinds of bird, including species under state protection, such as white-headed crane. The river's flow is 138 meters per second, which means a boat can drift freely without any other motivation. The oars prepared are for direction control only. The widest section of the river is 200 meters while the narrowest part is 50 meters. At the four or five major turnings, the rapid currents may give tourists thrilling excitement. In the area, there are also the Yunmeng, Ziyun and Baiquan mountains, which are all attractive scenic spots. Scores of professional rubber boats, including ordinary pneumatic boats for six or two people, military scout boats for six and lifeboats for four, are ready for hiring.

Drifting Safety Tips
1/Do not wear light-colored garments so as to avoid embarrassment in cases that you get wet; 2/Sandals are recommended for they are easy to get dry once wet; 3/Take only waterproof things with you and people who wear glasses should tie them up; 4/Keep your life jacket on during the whole trip. Air leaking of a dinghy seldom happens, but once anything goes wrong, you should swim to the shore and blow up the whistle prepared on the life jacket; 5/Read the route signs carefully and drift as directed; 6/When crossing rapid currents, you should grasp the traps on the boat. People on the boat should keep its balance; 7/When a boat gets struck, remain seated until you find a good foothold; 8/Once a boat gets stranded, you should get off the boat and board it again after you push it into deep water.

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My colleagues and I will arrive in Beijing for a meeting in July.I like drifting very much,could you arrange me a drifting tour ?we have 5 people altogether,and I need a vehicle .It would be better if there is a translator.

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We are glad to provide you one day Beijing drifting tour.Our suggestion is that you go to Yanqing county where has a beautiful scenery and you can see the Great wall.I make an itinerary of one day Beijing drifting tour for you including in the transport and the tour guide service.Please check your E-mail.