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Donghuamen Night Market is a night market located in the northern end of Wangfujing in Beijing, China. One can find a row of unusual food stalls. An array of Chinese food delicacies are on display with people bustling around to experience some new tastes. It showcases an array of Chinese street food from all over the country, from marinated chicken skewers, to stir fries and grilled silk worms. Items such as sheep's particular parts, offal soup, deep fried crickets, centipedes & lizards are available to eat on a stick. There are also the more widely recognised Western foods such as spring rolls, dumplings, crab cakes and candy fruit, to name a few, for the not so brave. All stalls display their food selections in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English. All the food is displayed raw and can be deep fried in a large Wok upon request. If you’re peckish and strolling the Wangfujing area of an autumn evening, stop by this lively strip of stalls for a snack.

Donghuamen night market only emerged in the early ‘80s, since when it has gathered more and more food stalls complete with screaming vendors and hungry crowds of both locals and foreign travelers. The food has to be seen to be believed. Almost anything you’d want to try is on show, from innards and scorpions to silkworms and sea horses. Most tourists come here to see the more exotic food like scorpions, snakes and seahorses, but the reality is that these were only available on one stall and none of the Chinese were eating them, just a few young Westerners egged on by their camera toting friends, before returning to their banana pancakes.
Address: Donghuamen Dajie (west of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street), Wangfujing, Dongcheng District
Openning Hour: Daily 4-10pm
¥¥ 30-50 per person

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