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Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot

- Beijing Instant-boiled Mutton Restaurant

Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot, also known as instant-boiled mutton, is Beijing's oldest and most famous Hot Pot chain restaurant in Beijing. Mutton Hot Pot started in Qing Dynasty, after Manchuness ruled the country. In 18th century, Mutton Hot pot had been one of the most famous dishes in the imperial banquet for "thousands of Senior citizen" hosted by Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong. In 1914, Dong Lai Shun employed the most skillful chef at that time to slice the mutton, and since then, it only do mutton hot pot business. After decades years to develop the skill of slicing mutton, reserch sauce, and meliorate the pot, it cooked up a storm in Beijing, and gained the fame: the best place to taste Mutton Hot Pot in Beijing.

Donglaishun has been famous for more than 100 years for its Mongolian hotpot. Hot pot here is served in an old-fashioned brass cooking pot filled with broth and heated by lumps of charcoal, into which diners dip wafer-thin thin slices of meat and vegetables. Donglaishun is a Muslim brand of Restaurant, claim to fame for its paper-thin, high-quality mutton slices cooked in a very flavorful broth with their own secret dipping sauce. If you are in Beijing during winter season, a meal at Dong Lai Shun will instantly warm your bodies. The most popular stuff for the Mutton Hot Pot are: Mutton, Cabbage, Potato Slices, Yam Slices, Bean Curd, Soybean noodle, Mushroom and so on.

In Dong Lai Shun restaurant, you can enjoy the finest quality lamb-meat-using only black-headed white sheep from Inner Mongolia, and a truly traditional eating experience using copper pots and charcoal fire. Eat method: put it in blended seasonings, the traditional one is made from sesame soy sauce, sesame oil, preserved beancurd, leek flower, caraway and shallot's mixture. You can also boil all kinds of vegetables.
Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot (Wangfujing Branch)
Address: 5th floor,New Dong'an Mansion, Wang Fu Jing Street, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-65280501
Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot (Xizhimen Branch)
Address: 2 Xizhimennei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 86-10-65280932

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Name:Dong Lai Shun Hotpot is fantasitic! Reply

I saw your intro online and went to a Dong lai shun hot pot. It was really great! Mutton is delicious, very fresh vegetables, especially condiments going along. Very authentic.

Name:Dong Lai Shun Hotpot

Yes, Beijing Dong Lai Shun is the oldest hot pot restaurant. It serves typical Beijing style hot pot. The most famous one is in Xindongan Shopping Mall despite of other branch stores in Beijing. Originally, it’s called Mongolian hot pot; hot pots in other parts of China are varieties of this kind hot pot.