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Dashila Area is an attractive travel spot in Beijing. it is the oldest, busiest, and the most famous business street in old Beijing, with unique traditional Chinese buildings. The Dashila Street used to be called Guanyinsi Street in the old times. It is a 275-meter long street. 8 long-established business accounted for 1/4 of the whole street, which focuses on long-established shops Tong Ren Tang, Zhang Yiyuan, Daguan Lou, Gou Buli Baozi and so on. This 8-honored corporate business accounted for the whole street area of 27.7% of total business, with annual sales (operating income) is about the whole street for 75% of the total operating income. Because of the amount of shoe shops that have been established over the years, the street

in Dashila Area is regarded as "Shoe Street". Laomeihua, one of the most famous shoe shops in Tianjin, is located in this area. The company established itself in Dashila in 1930, which led to many other shoe shops being set up there. In order to hold the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, Dashila street shopkeepers tried their best to develop a variety of characteristics of goods and the Olympics special services. Nei Lian sheng, the most famous shoemaker in Dashila Street has created a new method to make shoes in several days. In general, making a pair of shoes usually takes two weeks to a month's time, but during the Olympic Games, which will be taken in urgent measures, to make sure  tourists wearing traditional Chinese shoes

 before they go back their motherland. The elegant  brick road, a nostalgic old buildings and shops with warm salesperson, you will experience the very traditional atmosphere of the old city of Beijing. In the past time, there was an old saying about shopping in Beijing: “if you want to buy shoes, go to Nei Liansheng; Heng Deli for purchase watches; Zhang Yiyuan for tea; Ma Juyuan for hats; Zheng Mingzhai for snacks; Liubiju for pickles. If you want to see a movie, go to Daguan Lou would be the best choice.” All the shops been mentioned here are all located in the Dashila Street. The area has always been highly recommended, especially at nights the street would gain a picturesque effect amongst the flags and the lights. When you travel here, I am sure you will be fond of this place very much. Here are some guide information for your tour to Shichahai: Address: North of Tian’anmen Square, Xuanwu District, Beijing. Admission Fee: free,  Openning Hours: all day long

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