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The CCTV Tower is one of the modern wonders of Beijing.  If this were any less of a city, with fewer attractions, the tower would feature heavily in any tourist promotions.  As it is, there are so many things to see in Beijing, especially of historical and cultural interest, the poor old tower tends to get overlooked. Now the Central Television Tower has been turned into a modern and advanced structure with comprehensive functions like transmitting radio signals and TV programs, tourism, restaurant and recreation. We however, do think it is worth a visit, especially if you're stuck in Beijing and not particularly interested in all things ancient.

After going through security check, enter the main entrance in the middle of the tower seat. First take elevator directly to the 22th floor with a height of 238 meters. The 22th floor is an open air observation deck, which is said to the largest in the world. Then your tour guide will accompany you to the 19th floor – TV Culture Hall. The hall is a place connecting audiences to CCTV's past and present. In the hall, you are immersed in the development of CCTV culture and have a close interaction with CCTV. If you prefer a romantic buffet on the tower, you just walk down from the 19th floor to the 18th floor – a revoving restaurant, where you can enjoy the rich and mixed buffet of Chinese, Western & Janpanese style. One cycle retoating takes 80 minutes. This ocean park is just in the east of the seat of CCTV tower. The ocean park is the home of hundreds of marine creatures. So after visiting the tower, you can also have fun and rewind yourself here.

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