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Beijing Zoo, located to the west of the Beijing Exhibition Center, has become one of the most popular travel attractions in Beijing for families and visitors. It has over 600 different species, including many endangered unique species in China, such as Panda and Golden Monkey. Also, Beijing Zoo is proud of many rare animals from all around the world, such as White Bear from the North Pole, Kangaroo from Australia, and Zebra from Africa etc. Before the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, it was called the Western Suburbs Park (Xijiao Gongyuan), contained only a handful of attractions. Travel to Beijing, you could get to know a paradise of wild animals in this modern city. The Beijing Zoo site is comprised of 16 different exhibition

areas and halls. One of the most popular of these is the Panda Hall. Built in 1989 and covering an area of around 10,000 square meters (2.5 acres), it delivers an impressive aesthetic scene while also managing to account for the practical considerations of housing such large and physical animals. The inside of the hall replicates the style of traditional Chinese gardens and is shaped in the pattern of a Tai Chi diagram. Another of the zoo's famous halls, the Gorilla Hall, was constructed two years earlier in 1987. The building houses a series of artificial hillocks and wooden apparatus for the animals which sit against a backdrop of attractive gorilla murals. Facilities introduced for the gorillas include a medical room, a mating room and a specialist feeding room. The hall itself is decorated by a series of rockeries and pools. All of the zoo's halls and exhibition areas are constructed so as to

ensure that the animals enjoy a both comfortable and healthy living environment. Since Beijing Zoo's ground area has expanded, many more species of animals got a home in it, including larger, popular species such as bears, lions, tigers, elephants, pandas, antelopes, hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses by the late 1950s. Also, a reptile house was opened, containing over a hundred of different global species, including crocodiles and pythons. With the support of the Chinese government and having undergone continual development throughout its 90-year history, Beijing Zoo has become one of the largest in China. It provides thousands with the opportunity to witness strange and exotic species at firsthand, and also allows visitors to learn more about the lives of the animals that inhabit the world alongside us. Here are some guide information for your tour to Beijing Zoo: Address: 137 Dongzhimen Street, Xicheng District,Beijing. Admission Fee: 15 yuan (Excluding 5 for panda site), Openning Hours: 07:30 – 18:00. Contact Number: 86-10-68390274

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Name:Can I see pandas in winter at Beijing zoo? Reply

I have a little time, well, just a half day on 27th. Also, I heard there’s a clothes market opposite to the zoo, and I wanna go have a look. Can you provide the service for me?

Name:Half day tour to Beijing zoo

Hi, Beijing Zoo provides houses for pandas, so you will be able to see pandas in winter. The clothes market opposite is very famous. We could provide you a half-day Beijing Zoo tour, first the the zoo for pandas then shopping in the clothes market. Please check the itinerary in your attachment, our guide will surely make your tour a happy one.