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Beijing World Park is located at the southwest of Fengtai District, Beijing, 16 kilometers away from city center. The park collects 119 cultural and natural landscapes in over 50 countries worldwide. Its planning view and water route are designed according to the domain of the five continents and the four oceans respectively. It is a large-sized and a theme-specified park integrating worldly famous scenic spots and historic sites and carrying cultures of nations in the world. The main attractions in the park are: Eiffel Tower and Triumphal Arch in France, London Tower Bridge and Big Ben in Britain, White House and Lincoln Memorial in America, Stephen Church in Austria, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Red Square in Moscow,  Mali tribe thatched house in Africa, Pyramids in Egypt, Katsura Imperial Villa in Japan, and etc. These copied attractions are lifelike and delicate, with beautiful ecological environment and luxuriant forest. Beijing World Park is rated as National AAAA-grade Scenic Area, CategoryⅠand LevelⅠPark of Beijing, Top 10 Tourist Spots of Beijing.

The main activities and sightseeing garden projects are: universal folk-custom fancy car parade, authentic foreign song and dance performance (from April to November of each year), Thailand elephant water-sprinkling festival in summer holidays, traditional folk show in Spring Festival, 4D dynamic theater, Thailand elephant and crocodile performance, Japanese tea ceremony performance, dove square and Ornamental brocade carp, as well as American cowboy roller coaster, 12 zodiac park, children’s entertainment world, universal small train, European carriage and lover’s car, etc. what’s more, the shop kiosk serves ethnic handicrafts, souvenir and food.
Price: 65¥ per adult, 35¥ per student, preferential price for group
Address: No. 158, Fengbao Road, Huangxiang, Fengtai District, Beijing, 100070
 (Self-driving: 3 kilometers south of Kefeng Bridge, Southwest Fourth Ring Road)

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