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Beijing, as the capital of China and a world-famous municipality, is a transportation hub of the country with a sophisticated network of roads, railways, airport, subway, taxi and bicycles. The complete public transport system make the living and travel in Beijing convenient and safe. Following are the information about Beijing transportation service.
Beijing Transport System - Airport  You can find direct daily flights to most China's and world's big cities from Beijing International Capital Airport. Airport shuttle buses are available with many routes running within Beijing city area. Airport shuttle bus cost around RMB16-25 yuan which is the most convenient way to transfer between airport and city area in Beijing.

Beijing Transport System - Railway  Beijing is a major hub of China's railway network. Eight major railways radiate out of Beijing to other provinces in all directions. Nowadays, there are four main railway stations in use: Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station which was activated in 2008 and the largest in China, as well as Beijing North Railway Station which is mainly in charge of suburban transfer in Beijing, such as to Great Wall in Yanqing County. Domestic trains and international trains which mainly go to Russia and Mongolia are available.
Beijing Transport System - Subway  In the city, there are now 9 lines of subways in operation with 11 more under construction. You could just spend 2 yuan to access unlimited transfers to all lines, except the Airport Express which is 25 yuan for one way. Although often jam-stuffed with passangers during rush hour, the subway is the fastest way to get around the city area for its puntual and more reliable. The subway stations in Beijing are clean and have English signs.

Beijing Transport System – Road  Four complete ringroads with 9 lines of highways leading to all directions and supplemented with 11 China National Highways. However, central Beijing often becomes a huge parking lot during rush hour. The authorities have attempted lots of moves to free the traffic but can only scratch the surface. With car ownership soaring, the authorities have to adopt the method of limiting licence plates to solve road traffic problem.
Beijing Transport System – Bus, Taxi, Bicycle  Public transportations on the road includes buses, taxis and bicycles. There are hundreds of bus lines taking you basically anywhere you want to go. Taking a taxi is the simplest way to get around the city. Taxi fares start at CNY 10 for the first 3 kilometers, and go up by CNY2.00 per extra kilometer. Bicycling is also the good means of travel and transportation to explore Beijing, especially in the city centre. Many of the major sights are within biking distance of each other. It is a safe, healty, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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