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Currently there are about 870,000 taxis in Being with about 67,000 legitimate cabs and 20,000 illegal taxis. The major legal taxi models are Sonata, Jetta, the red flag, China, Elysée, Santana 3000. A small red sign "For Hire" is installed in every cab. How to avoid to take an illegal taxi (black taxi)? You can identify them from the vehicle registration number. In Beijing, the legitimate taxi license plates starts with "Beijing B". If the taxi has the license plate of others, that means the cab is possibly a illegal taxi. These "black cars" always can be found around the subway stations, shopping malls, the entrance area and also some major tourist attractions. The most serious area are the railway station and Beijing Capital Airport. So you should pay more attention in these places.

Beijing Taxi Fare/Charge/Cost
The flagfall of taxi in Beijing is 10rmb for the first 3km, then 1.6rmb/km. Distances more than 15km are charged at 1.5 times normal rate. Night rate of 11rmb begins after 11pm with an extra 3rmb/km after the first 3km. A "waiting fee" will apply if the taxi stops and waits for more than 5 minutes. The passenger is responsible for any tolls. Ask your driver to turn on the meter, and get a receipt at the end of your journey, which will have the driver's ID printed on it, in case you leave something or you need complain. Generally, it will cost CNY100-200 from the Capital Airport to the city proper of Beijing, according to different distance. Badaling Great Wall is about 65 kilometers (40 miles) from the downtown area, which need some CNY200 to cover the expense by meter.

How to Take a Taxi in Beijing
Getting around in Beijing by taxi is not hard, as long as you are prepared. Keep the name of your hotel written down. A brochure, business card or receipt may work or have the hotel staff write it down in Chinese characters for you. Then you can easily show it to a driver assuming that your driver do not speak English. Taxis in Beijing are metered, so just get in the taxi and pay the fare when you get out. The machine will also print out receipts automatically for you if you need it. It is very easy for passengers to see and stop a cab on the road.
Taxi Call in Beijing:
Cab Hire Telephone: 961001, 010-68373399    Taxi Complaints Hotline:010 68351150

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Name:Taking Taxi in Beijing Reply

Is it safe to take a taxi in Beijing? How can I take a taxi in Beijing? How much dose it cost? Do the taxi drivers speak English? Will I have any problems when taking taxi in Beijing as a foreigner?

Name:Re: Taking Taxi in Beijing

Yes, it is safe and convenient to take a taxi in Biejing. In Beijing, the legitimate taxi license plates starts with "Beijing B". The flagfall of taxi in Beijing is 10rmb for the first 3km, then 2rmb/km. Most taxi drivers cannot speak English. So you’d better to have a Chinese-written address note or card to show the driver, or let the door boy of your hotel to help with you.

Name:Beijing taxi-airpot transfer Reply

hi pls i wnt to knw how much vill be the taxi fare from the beijing airport to maya island hotel ,south road 4th,3rd zone,fengtai distt,beijing 100070.

Name:Re: Beijing airpot taxi transfer

Dear Vicky Maggo, Thanks for your enquiry, this is Chris from itourbeijing to serve you.Beijing international airport locates in eastern of Beijing but your hotel in southern of Beijing.Actually, the airport has an speciallized area waiting for the Taxi,but you have to wait for about 20 minutes for a taxi and you also need a hotel address in Chinese character because the taxi driver usually can not speak English, It wll charge you at least 170RMB. We have rich experience to provide transfer service from the airport to hotel ,and our driver will pick you up at the airport with a sign in your name,then sent you to your hotel without waiting but a fee of 200RMB is needed.Fell free to contact us if you want to book with us. Regards’ Chris