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Beijing Subway ( or Beijing Metro) is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality. The subway's first line opened in 1971, and the network now has 9 lines, 147 stations and 228 km of tracks in operation and delivers over 4 million rides per day. It is the oldest and busiest subway in mainland China, and the second longest after the Shanghai Metro. Since the newest line, Line 4, entered operation on September 28, 2009, daily ridership has exceeded 5 million. As the growing need of the people, the carrying capacity of subway still can not satisfy their demand. So the expansion project is undergoing well under the leadership of local government. According to the overall plans, Beijing will have 19 subway lines and 561 km of tracks in operation by 2015.

Beijing Subway/Metro Lines
Beijing Subway is very convenient and efficient to travel around and it has already became the people's first choice when they are going to work. The Beijing Metro system does connect some of the major tourist destinations such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Wangfujing, Lama Temple, the Capital Airport, the train station and the Olympic Park. The two original lines are Line 1 which goes east-west across the city and Line 2 which is a loop line following the second ring road. Line 13 which run across the top of the city. New lines include Line 5 which is north-south and goes close to the Olympic Green and Line 4 which connects the west part of Beijing to the south. Also new is the airport express line and Line 8 and Line 10 which service the Olympic Green and northeast side of the city, including the east third ring road.

Beijing Subway/Metro Fare
A flat fare of RMB 2.00 for Beijing Subway with unlimited transfers applies to all lines except the Airport Express, which costs RMB25.00. Children less than 1.2m in height ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult. All subway lines in Beijing now collect fares through automatic fare collection (AFC) machines that accept single-ride tickets, and an integrated circuit card (ICC card) that can store credit for multiple metro rides. Riders can purchase tickets and add credit at ticket counters and vending machines in every subway station.

Beijing Subway/Metro Operation Hours
Beijing Subway operation hours is generally closed after midnight, unless a special occasion prompts extended operating hours. The first trains depart terminals at around 5 am and the last leaves at around 11 pm. After buying a ticket, go downstairs to the platform to which you gain access by inserting your ticket into a machine, and wait there for the train. Inside the metro station, notices on the pillars provide detailed information and direct you to your destination. Approaching stations are announced in both Chinese and English onboard the trains.

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Name:Too crowded in Beijing subway! Reply

It’s too crowded to get on subway sometimes. I’ve been to many cities; the underground in Beijing is the most crowded one I’ve ever met.

Name:Crowded Beijing Subway

Yes, it is true that it’s wall-to-wall people in the underground, particular during the rush hour. There are almost 20 million people living in Beijing at present. Many of them choose to take the metro as the means of transportation. In recent years, many more subway lines have been added, but it still fails to supply the metro demand. We suggest you’d better avoid the morning and evening rush hour to take the subway in Beijing.