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Beijing snacks have a high reputation because of its long history, various kinds, refined materials and delicious taste. Beijing snacks flavors are mainly characterized by different ethnics like Han, Hui, Meng, Man and imperial snacks from the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Until now, there are still many restaurants that have served the local snacks for hundreds of years. Despite of those famous restaurants, you could drop by some sidestreet ones and they will surprise you with more homestyle flavor. Below are the introduction to some renowned Beijing snacks:
Baodu (Quick-boiled Tripe)
As one of the most famous Beijing snacks, Baodu is made from sheep or cattle's tripe, crispy and tender. It's served with sesame sauce and some other ingrediants such as onion, vinegar and garlic. It is a snack for ordinary people but Baodu Feng was once a supplier to the imperial kitchen.
Ai Wo Wo (Sticky rice with sweet fillings)
A snack made of steamed sticky rice with rich stuffings inside. The stuffings include peanuts, walnuts, sesame, pea-flour and some other stuff. You could easily find this snack all through Beijing.
Lv Da Gun (Pastry Made of Soy Bean Flour)
Made by wrapping the stuffing, usually sweetened bean paste or brown sugar, in a piece of sticky dough, the snack claims its reputation all over the country. Its name has nothing to do with the ingrediants but the way to make it which is to roll the wrapped paste in yellow flour made of soy bean, which seems like a donkey wallowing in the ground with the dust rising.

Wandouhuang (Pea Flour Cake)
Wandouhuang is a typical Beijing snack in spring which is made of white pea flour and is famous as a well-known imperial snacks in ancient China.
Douzhi (Mung bean Milk)
It is said that Douzhi was originally from Mongolian tribes and conquered Beijing since Liao (907-1125). Mung bean milk is still very popular among local guenuine Beijingers. Douzhi has a sour flavor and tastes wierd, but it's rich in protein, vitamin C and rough fiber.
Guan Chang(Filled Sausage)
This special sausage is made of flour or starch mixed with flavorings. You could cut the sausage into small cubes then fry them. The ingrediants go with the sausage is mashed garlic. Usually you may use small bamboo sticks for better convenience.
Du Yi Chu Shaomai
Shaomai is not only yummy but also beautiful, before your enjoy the dish do not forget to take a picture of them. The wrappers of Shaomai is made of flourm, then rolled into special shape.

Where To Find Beijing Local Snacks:
Du Yi Chu Shaomai
Address: #1-6 Pufanglu, Fengtai District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 010-67663975‎
Jiumen Snacks
Address: Xiaoyouhutong 1#, Xicheng District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 010-64025858‎
Huguosi Snack Restaurant (Huguosi Branch)
Address: Huguosi Dajie 93#, Xicheng District, Beijing.  Reservation Telephone: 010-66181705, 010-66181805
Donghuamen Night Market: it's probably the most popular snack street in Beijing, especially for the foreigners, where you can explore and try your appetite. It sells scorpions, seahorses, starfish, silkworms and many other stuff.

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Name:Where can we get typical Beijing local snacks? Reply

I’ve seen many pictures about Beijing local snacks. It’s awesome! Pls advice where I can get a variety of Beijing snacks. Are there some places specialized for Beijing snacks?

Name:Suggestions to Beijing local snacks

Beijing(Peking) local snacks is very famous in China, selecting the essence of many ethic cuisines. There are many famous places for Beijing(Peking) local snacks, like Donghuamen Snack Night Market, Wangfujing Snack Street, and Jiumen Snacks(Jiumen Xiaochi), etc. In addition, there are also many Beijing snack restaurants with long history. I suggest you to try Longfusi Snack restaurant. I often go Longfusi Snack restaurant as well.

Name:Beijing Snacks-Yuanxiao Reply

Where to buy the most authentic “yuán xiao” in Beijing?

Name:Re:Beijing Snacks-Yuanxiao

Thank you for your asking. My strong recommendation is the famous old store “dào xiang cun” and “jin fang” shops.